Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sun, sea and rock

I left Brusand early on Saturday morning in bright cold sunshine and cycled south through the Magma Park. I followed the road beside the sea at first, rather than the gravel track through the hills, but north of Egersund another gravel track led through a landscape of lakes and rocks which was a Saturday morning destination for walkers, cyclists and runners.

I liked Egersund - the coffee was good and the town was bustling and friendly. Southwards there were more rocky landscapes and lakes. There was a change in the wild flowers. The wood anemone was back, but mixed now with red campion, speedwell, stitchwort and heartsease – all very familiar. The strangest thing was that the colour of the oak and sycamore just coming into leaf seemed very autumnal – oranges and yellows.

I ended up on the campsite at Bakkaåno. This was one of the best campsites of my entire trip. It was on a farm, had a lovely grassy field, great (very) heated toilets and showers and excellent wifi. It also had a tremendous selection of washing-up brushes. The map is here.

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